The only official outlet for match tickets – where buyers will be assured of gaining entry – is Ticketmaster via Any other seller is a scammer.

“The return of full attendance has also brought the return of the conmen and the scammers,” warned Jurie Roux, SA Rugby CEO.

“We have seen an explosion in recent days in fans contacting us to ask when they will receive tickets bought through online resellers.

“We are advising them to contact their banks to request that the transactions be reversed as there is no guarantee that they will receive tickets from these online websites.”

Online “re-sellers” – masquerading under a host of brand names – do not have any official access to tickets. Typically, Inflated prices are charged and, as the event approaches, they become increasingly evasive as to when ticket collection will occur, or the website disappears.

“This is now a painfully familiar model,” said Roux. “There is a long list of people who have been left out of pocket and outside the stadium over the years and it is hugely frustrating to see it reoccurring,” said Roux.

“Our message is loud, clear and very simple – if you don’t buy through the official channel at you’re going to be disappointed.”

Tickets for the Rugby World Cup Sevens are still available – only through Ticketmaster via