“It would be lekker to see our school communities across the country come together, wearing green and gold with pride every Friday,” said Rassie Erasmus, SA Rugby’s Director of Rugby.

“We'd love it if everyone could join the #BokFriday movement. We believe in bringing hope to the country and it'd be great if the country could give us extra inspiration and motivation. Please, just wear it!”

Join the #BokFriday Initiative: Here's How Schools Can Participate

Dress in Green and Gold: Encourage students, faculty, and staff to don green and gold attire on any #BokFriday leading up to and during the Rugby World Cup.

Share the gees on social media: Share photos, videos, and messages on social media. Tag the Boks (@BokRugby on Instagram, @Springboks on Facebook and Twitter) in your posts and use the hashtags #BokFriday and #StrongerTogether to amplify the spirit of unity.

Challenge rival schools: Tag a rival school in your social media posts to encourage them to “share in the gees” and keep the momentum going.

Why join #BokFriday?

This isn’t just about rugby; it’s about unity and pride. In a time when our nation seeks good news and moments of cohesion, the #BokFriday campaign serves as a beacon of hope. It's more than a hashtag; it's a call to action that allows South Africans to express unwavering support for our national team while building a sense of community and optimism that transcends the sporting arena.

So, come on schools! Let's make every Friday leading up to the Rugby World Cup, a #BokFriday. Rally behind our Springboks and let’s show them, and the world, that we are #StrongerTogether!

For more information and updates on the #BokFriday campaign, please visit www.springboks.rugby.

About #BokFriday:

The #BokFriday campaign is a nationwide initiative aimed at rallying support for the South African Springboks in their quest to defend their title at the Rugby World Cup. It encourages all South Africans to wear the Springbok colours, green and gold, every Friday as a visible sign of solidarity and to foster a sense of unity and optimism. The campaign aims to harness the power of sport to uplift spirits and create a wave of positive energy across the nation. Just wear it!