The master class, presented by the Section Sports Medicine at the University of Pretoria, will provide specialised training and knowledge on the unique needs and challenges faced specifically by women and girls in contact sports.

Health care professionals dealing with female athletes in these sports will learn how to address physical, psychological, and societal influences specific to women and girls in sports, ensuring the provision of appropriate care and support.

This course will contribute to creating a safer and more inclusive environment for female athletes, promoting their long-term participation and well-being in contact sports.

International experts will discuss physical preparation, menstrual impact, breast support, reproductive health, postpartum return to sport, concussion, and gender bias.

SA Rugby's Senior Medical Manager Clint Readhead said they are endorsing the course as the interest, participation and exposure in women's rugby is growing rapidly and we need to ensure we equip our health care professionals with the specialised training and knowledge to assist the female athlete.

“Lynne Cantwell, SA Rugby’s High-Performance Manager for Women’s rugby, is very supportive of this initiative as we are looking at it from a rugby perspective and how the course can benefit those involved in our game, although there will be learnings for us from other sporting codes as well,” said Readhead.

“The panel consists of experts in their fields, so there is no doubt that this will empower delegates and improve the sport and well-being of women athletes. Women's Month provides a great platform to actively promote this course, and I encourage all health care professionals involved in female contact sport to get on board.”

The brochure can be sourced here: Brochure Female Athlete Contact Sport Course and registration details are here.