This workshop followed on the successful Concussion Indaba held in Cape Town in January this year, where the commitment was made to provide specialised concussion prevention and rehabilitation training to physiotherapists involved at the provincial unions.

The workshop was facilitated by SA Rugby’s Medical Department and Professor Jon Patricios in collaboration with Momentum, and introduced evidence-based and best-practice concepts gleaned from international research to physiotherapists representing every provincial union.

The efforts of proactive planning culminated in a very productive one-day workshop, which was presented by Megyn Robertson, a physiotherapist specialising in Vestibular Ocular-Motor System Rehabilitation and Retraining.

The rehabilitation of this system, supported by research evidence, is important in managing a player following a concussion. The workshop is another example of rugby’s commitment to player welfare and its determination to fulfil the highest standards of player care and is thought to be the first such collaboration between a national rugby body and sports medicine teams in the world of rugby.

Clint Readhead, Senior Manager: Medical at SA Rugby, said: “Rugby has once again taken a leading role in ensuring that medical professionals looking after rugby players in South Africa are equipped with the skills to effectively manage a player’s return from a concussion.

“I want to thank the various role players for their valuable contribution towards the success of the workshop,” added Readhead.

Elna van Wyk, Head of Underwriting and Disability Management at Momentum Corporate, was pleased to see that action had been taken to address one of the key outcome points from the recent concussion indaba.

“A collaborative approach between the insurer, sporting institution, medical professional and players is vital in effectively assisting in the short- and long-term management of concussion,” said Van Wyk.

“We are encouraged to be one of very few insurers globally to have engaged on this level, and we remain committed to leading the industry in this regard.”

Prof Patricios, one of World Rugby and SA Rugby’s specialist concussion consultants, stressed the importance of making the latest international research and protocols available to South African clinicians who care for our players.

“It was important that SA Rugby continues to ensure that all is been done to facilitate concussion management of these injured players,” said Prof Patricios.

“By affording the opportunity for physiotherapists from all the provincial unions to learn new skills to effectively manage a player’s concussion showed the commitment they have made to player welfare.

“This workshop will ensure that we continue to manage concussed players by using the available evidence based research and best practice principles.”

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