Speaking in his latest Twitter video, Erasmus outlines some lessons from birds that worked for the Boks in Japan in 2019, that can also assist South Africa are we prepare for three weeks of lockdown starting later in the week due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

“All of you know why birds fly in a V?” Erasmus asks the Springbok players in a team meeting.

“They still do it consistently, because it’s working. And it’s working, because there are no egos.

“The whole flock have a better flying range, because of the formation they fly in. And if we are aligned and we agree, we have a better chance of getting somewhere.

“But if you fall out of the formation, and you’re not aligned – think about our game plan – you will feel like you’re not part of it anymore, and you will feel the drag, the team telling you ‘you’re a windgat now, you’re entitled and you’re not taking ownership’.

“You feel it and you get resistance. So you can either bugger off, or fall back in line. But people must tell you that – that is being in a V formation.

“If the lead goose becomes tired, another bird will take over in the front. It doesn’t always have to be the captain…”

Check out the full video below and if you like it, follow this link to tell us what you would like to hear in the coming weeks from the man himself.