Both teams lost their opening match and victory is essential if progress it to be made.

Jantjies, who was not part of the match 23 for the opening game against New Zealand, said there was no need to re-visit the team’s gameplan.

“Obviously we didn’t get the result we wanted but there were quite a lot of positives we can take out of that and that we can build on for Namibia,” he said.

“Also we want to improve on our system and make sure we keep growing as a team every single day and so that at the later stages we are sure that we are in the right head space.

“There are things we need to work on but it’s things that we’re good at in terms of our kicking game and defence, attack, our aerial skills.

“They are things that we’ve developed quite a lot over the last two years but it’s things that we want to get, say, eight out of ten or nine out of ten for - it’s not things that we’re happy getting six out of ten for.

“It’s things that we want to improve on and that we’re actually good at. It’s a positive sign for us as a team that we’re aiming higher and can improve.

“We’re working hard every single day on those small things and working on the things that we’re good at. We must stop looking at the negatives because there was a lot of strengths that came out against the All Blacks.

“We had a lot of possession, we won the territory battle. They had two aerial opportunities and they got the ball back and moved it into space and scored tries. We had the same situation but we didn’t finish and that was the difference between the two teams.”

Mzwandile Stick, assistant coach, noted that New Zealand kicked more than the Springboks (30 times to 25) but had made more of the chances those kicks created.

“We created one or two opportunities but playing against the best team in the world you can’t afford not to convert those into points,” he said. “If you look at the first 20, 22 minutes of the first half we were in control. The plan was giving us a lot of position and opportunities to get into their half but once against we were guilty of not converting those opportunities into points.

“I don’t think we need to change much when it comes to our plan, if our plan could create those opportunities. The only thing we need to work on is those final touches.

“The two tries they scored came from when they kicked contestable kicks on us and we couldn’t secure those balls. That’s what the All Blacks are about – they are like sharks in the sea – if they smell blood they will take it and they will finish you so that is something that we must work on when we get those opportunities.”

Stick said the task against Namibia was to focus on execution: “When it comes to playing Namibia it is all about us, and making sure we get better in our plan and better in how we execute our game.

“We’re still in a good space. Yes, we are hurting after New Zealand but we closed that chapter yesterday and we’re looking forward to the next challenge which is Namibia.

“They’re our neighbours to they know our players very well and some of them play in South Africa so we know those guys will have a lot of inside info about our players.

“It’s more like an African derby, so they will be motivated and we will have to make sure that we are well prepared for this game and that we do our best and that we execute everything very well.”